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Complementary to existing documents, on technical needs in regions within MS for meeting technical requirements of reporting Green House Gases (GHG) emissions and se¬questration for LULUCF

Technical report

Detailing a standardised pan-European approach in support of MS and EU LULUCF reporting for existing and forthcoming data lntegration, including needs for time series consistency, data transformations and gap filling.

Needs for LULUCF

For the countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Bulgaria, Finland and lreland and finding the best solution for LULUCF methodology and regulations for the best presentation to the Reporting Agencies in those countries. The commonalities and differences in reporting between regions will be identified. A report with available methods and datasets for improving the current existing methodologies will be provided.

National-level meeting and training

For relevant stakeholders in the MS for implementation of Copernicus data and products for monitoring LULUCF and presentation of carbon stock changes and furthermore GHG emissions and removals from LULUCF. Results including the maps of LULUCF for selected NUTS2 (Administration Division) in Bulgaria, Poland, Czech Re¬ public, Finland, Spain, lreland.